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305 E Main St
Durham, NC 27701

Join us for the Triangle Recorder Society’s
Spring Workshop & National Play-the-Recorder Month!

The French Connection

Saturday, March 8, 2014 – National Play-the-Recorder Day!

french music

with special guests

Jack Ashworth (Louisville) & Jody Miller (Atlanta)

plus regulars

Stewart Carter (Winston-Salem)
Anne Timberlake (Richmond)

& your friendly facilitators

Patricia Petersen, Kathy Schenley,& Jennifer Streeter

Spend a music-filled Saturday in the country with expert teachers from near & far. Explore the delights of French music, from medieval to modern.
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

This workshop is intended for low intermediate to advanced recorder players. Voices, strings, early reeds & brass are welcome in several classes, as noted below. Join us for the workshop at ...

Carolina Friends School , 4809 Friends School Road (off Mt. Sinai Road), Durham, NC.

Maps are available on the Carolina Friends School website

2014 Workshop Flyer and Registration info (PDF)

Faculty bios

TRS workshopTRS workshopTRS workshop


  • 9:00- 9:15 Registration and coffee
  • 9:15-10:45 Recorder consort, technique
  • 10:45-11:15 Coffee break
  • 11:15-12:30 Specialty & repertory classes (see below)
  • 12:30-1:45 Lunch (see below; drinks provided)
  • 1:45-3:00 Specialty & repertory classes (see below)
  • 3:15-4:25 Specialty & repertory classes (see below)
  • 4:35 Finale, tutti


9:15 AM:

  • Recorder consorts: for all; we divide you by skill level. Varied consort repertory.
  • Be your own personal trainer: find exercises that are right for you from Rooda, Linde, & other common technique & étude books. For alto recorder (the techniques are applicable to all sizes). All levels, recs only.
  • Renaissance recorder: a one-on-a-part consort for advanced players willing to learn different fingerings, playing a matched set of recorders tuned to A=466. Be sure to give 2nd choice!

11:15 AM:

  • Musique mesurée: charming songs in shifting meters by Claude Le Jeune & his contemporaries. Lo int & up, recs, viols.
  • How Low Can You Blow? for tenor & larger recorders (viols can join, too!), 8-foot selections for soft instruments. Savor the dulcet tones, take away some ideas of appropriate repertoire for low instruments. Int. & up, recs, viols.
  • Lassus en français: Orlande de Lassus was a truly cosmopolitan figure, writing music set to Latin, German, Italian, and French texts. Lovely four-part chansons for singers & players. Int. & up, recs, viols, voices.
  • Field of Cloth of Gold: In 1520 in a field outside Calais, kings Henry & Francis met, supposedly cementing peace, but instead competing for power. Taste music by French & English Tudor composers. Int. & up, recs, viols.
  • Party of 5: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier wrote some of the most delicious Baroque “consort” music. We will relish it in his concertos for 5 flutes/recorders. Hi int. & up, recs only.
  • 14th Century: rhythmically challenging music in the Ars subtilior style of the late medieval period. Adv., recs only.
  • 1:45 PM:
  • Ooh La L’amour: ravishing troubadour & trouvère melodies of medieval courtly love. Lo int. & up, all insts. & voices.
  • Cheap Trills: a gentle introduction to the French Baroque style, including the ornamentation & expression that gives it such a unique flavor. Some familiarity with trills & other common ornaments is helpful. Lo int. & up, recs & viols.
  • Attaingnant Dance Music: buzzies, softs, & louds will go on a treasure hunt to identify hemiolas in galliards, add some modest (and appropriate) Renaissance ornaments, and just have some plain old fun! All levels, all insts.
  • Just Josquin: Vocal and instrumental works by the “Beethoven of the Renaissance.” Int. & up, recs, viols.
  • Definitive Dufay: We will concentrate on the Kyrie movement from Dufay’s Missa Se la face ay pale, with other music as time permits (other parts of the mass, & the chanson on which it is based). Hi int. & up, recs, viols, brass, voices.
  • Philadorable: prepare & play treble & bass lines of Anne Danican-Philidor’s Sonata in D minor, available here: http://conquest.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/8/8b/IMSLP280291-PMLP120488-Phillidor-Sonate_pour_la_flute_a_bec.pdf
    We’ll discuss questions of style, technique, musical impulse. Masterclass format; be prepared to play. Hi int. to adv., recs only. (May be audited.)

3:15 PM:

  • You Cannes do it! Parisian chansons & dances by Sermisy, Janequin, & others. Lovely four-part music for winds (including buzzies), strings and singers. Lo int. & up, recs, capped reeds, viols, voices.
  • C’est Formidable: jolly, rhythmic dance music, from Attaingnant to Praetorius’s Terpsichore. All brass, reeds, buzzies.
  • Something Borrowed: French Overture style from non-French Composers. Work on Baroque overtures by familiar composers who borrowed this style from the French. Int. & up, recs, viols.
  • Le Maitre de Musique: Jean-Baptiste Lully was famous for his music, his dancing, his racy love life- and his teaching. We'll play music by Lully and his most successful musical disciples. Int. & up, recs, viols.
  • Something New: luscious pieces from the masters of French Romanticism & Impressionism. Hi int. & up, recs only.
  • 4:30 PM
    Finale: Fauré’s Pavane, and A Day in the Park by LaNoue Davenport, from the latest issue of American Recorder–bring your copy, and join recorder players across the country in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the ARS!!!


Registration and other information

•Lunch: There is not time to go off campus; please bring your own, or order a catered lunch (sandwich assortment, side salad, cookie), for $9. We will provide beverages. Lunch orders must be placed by March 3.

•Fees: TRS members, $80; others, $90. AM only, members $40; others $45. $10 discount on full-time enrollment for applications received by February 24. Box lunch, $9. Fees refundable until Mar. 5. For part-time enrollment, financial aid, or student work-study rates, call Pat at (919) 683-9672 or e-mail <patpetersen@earthlink.net>.

•Marketplace/Flea Market: Bring instruments and music that you would like to sell. Faculty CD's may be available!

•Accommodations: We will arrange local hospitality as available or send info on local motel accommodations.

•Information: Pat Petersen, (919) 683-9672, patpetersen@earthlink.net, or Kathy Schenley, (919) 918-4159, katsch22@bellsouth.net

•Emergency phone, day of workshop only: (919) 614-1272 (Kathy's cell), (919) 536-8922 (Pat’s cell).

•Registration: return registration forms to Pat Petersen with check. (made out to Triangle Recorder Society) to Pat Petersen, 1702 Vista St., Durham, NC 27701. Two people may apply on the same form, but please use different colors of ink for your class choices!

•Apply early, as this workshop often fills up! and PLEASE give 2nd choices!!! Your registration, along with motel information, will be confirmed by e-mail around March 2 (or whenever after that we receive your application) unless you request otherwise.

«««««Class offerings & faculty are subject to change, depending on enrollment & class choices; your giving us a second choice helps us to give you a variety of teachers!»»»»»

$10 discount for registrations received by Feb. 24!!

Workshop Links:

Faculty bios
2014 Workshop Flyer/ Registration Form
Determining Your Playing Level

Finale Pieces:  
"Faure Pavane": http://imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/127811
"A Day in the Park" by LaNoue Davenport



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